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Establishing a child hope future fund program

Feb. 5th 2015, Suicide by drowning at Manhattan Beach Pier, CA

A young man drowns by throwing himself into the beautiful sea. This is an actual event of a young life lost by juvenile depression.
This incident was widely received by the local media.
Children being so young have no expectations for the future and those who are pessimistic end their lives by committing suicide.
Unfortunately, this case have been increasing and deeply disturbing.

Juvenile depression is serious social problem.
Even with WHO’s announcement, many children have ended their lives.
Traffic accident, air pollution, and suicides are ranked third amongst young mortality.

Though many are dyeing with disease and fighting for their lives, Why is it that there are more children taking their own lives?

Although parents love and raise their children, a child suddenly kills himself from the idea that there is nothing to live for.
A bereaved parent’s sorrow is immeasurable.

It is heartbreaking to all of us. Children who are trying to live for the future, but are pessimistic in the future end their lives by committing suicide.

We are the individuals who had rescued a young life from committing a suicide. So our sincere deepest thoughts are that we save as many children from juvenile depression.

Retrospective of the person concerned

Even though I had endangered my life, I wanted a young child to live and I certainly did not want the child to die. That was when I had jumped into the ocean.
I swam frantically grabbing the child who was swept by waves.
While rescuing the child, I thought to myself…..Why? Why would a young child so much younger than me want to end their lives.

Listening to the reminiscences of the accident, and we thought.

We want the children to believe in themselves, expect a brighter future, and to live believing that they have a lot to live for.

American dream for children

To stream children’s video announcing what their dreams are and the adult that they strive in becoming.
To capture interest from other children when being announced.
Other children may share the same thoughts and feelings. We would want the children to know that many others have the same dream and expectation.

We want each child to grow into their adulthood while always challenging themselves, and to live a wonderful life.
This Media will become the entrance to awareness.

Measures against juvenile depression towards child suicide

Organize American Dream Media with organization.

A future with a dream for all children. Supporting the expectation of all possibilities to children and young adults.

We will send framed letter of appreciation to the individuals and/or companies which support the cause. Also, we will post the individual and/or companies name as a sponsor on our web site (Posting optional.)

Individual: $5~ (Appreciation Letter from $1,000)
Company: $1,000~(Appreciation Letter from $5,000)

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About Us

The Better World / Un Mundo Mejor has been recognized by ICPO as NGO and operates out of Los Angeles and South America since 2007. We have also teamed up with Japanese NPO.

In South America, We initiated the first disaster charity concert with success. It was later publicized in local newspapers and Televised.

In Los Angeles, We hosted an event at Hollywood and Highland by inviting over 200 guests. This event was a campaign to educate the public of the childhood cancer. That time we carried on movie advertising campaigns of Davis Film and had cooperate with a lot of companies such as SEPHORA of a cosmetics major company, California Pizza Kitchen and etc.

In 2015, We received the Valor award by extreme rescue effort in Los Angeles.
Childhood Cancer eradication, Animal protection and Humanitarian support programs are all operated by The Better World and is fully supported by Triple Crown Foundation, Inc. as our financial entity.

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The Better World / Un Mundo Mejor
Project Promotion
Triple Crown Foundation, Inc.
5741 Carlton Way
Los Angeles, CA 90028 US

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