Childhood cancer eradication
Visit children hospitals

Education assistance
Donate stationery and school equipment to elementary schools.

Charity concert of natural disaster relief
Because of the big flood in 2006, many people in Bolivia forced to evacuate.
As relief operation of flood disaster, we held a charity concert where singers and bands from a lot of countries joined in Santa Cruz, March, 2007.

311 Tohoku Earthquake Cheer Message Event
Cheer message to Tohoku from Los Angeles

Machicon Hollywood
Campaign to educate the public of the childhood cancer and Cultural exchange party
=Supporting company=
California Pizza Kitchen, Lucky Strike, Makumaki Ramen Bar, SEPHORA,Tinhorn Flats,
Vegas Seefood Buffet, SUSHI GIRL

Ozone Tree Project
The photos below are survived ozone trees from deforestation,
children who believe this nature around them lasts forever,
and earth that lost trees, grass, and everything by deforestation.
Do you ever want to live on this earth?

Shouldn’t we reserve earth with lots of trees for children’s bright future?
We are not asking you for cooperation.
We are pleading you to help us.

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