The Better World for Everyone

The Better World / Un Mundo Mejor involves in racial discrimination elimination, environmental protection, humanitarian assistance, etc. through events and volunteer activities.

In 2007, The Better World obtained a permit from the presidential palace of La Paz, the capital of the Republic of Bolivia.

In the same year, we received I.C.P.O approval and became an international public interest foundation.

Our activities and intention include support for the elimination of racial discrimination, protection of the natural environment, development of one’s potential ability, license issuance, establishment of Metaverse University, etc.

The Better World is based in Hollywood, California, USA.

Completely non-profit organization.

Expand Metaverse University Project

How to live “The Age of Aquarius”

A world where each person’s individuality and abilities, human rights are respected, a world where people understand that they are all the same person regardless of nationality, age, gender, and hold hands across national borders. Have your own will, live an individual, and connect with the other person.

Everyone is born special. We approve it.

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The Better World /

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